Andrew Lewis is a combat veteran, businessman and  reformer representing the 105th Legislative District.

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This has been a challenging year for everyone across our community as we have grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, a historic election year, and a severe economic downturn that has left many small businesses and families struggling.


As your representative, I stand with you and have worked to carry all of our voices to the Capitol. When the pandemic hit, I took action and voted to provide stopgap funding for our hospitals, schools and frontline workers. I helped pass legislation to protect our vulnerable seniors in long term care facilities and nursing homes. I stood up for our workers and small business owners to protect their right to provide for their families during the lockdowns.


And throughout my term, I've consistently fought to reform Harrisburg so that government works FOR the people again, not the other way around. I introduced term limits and rallied fourteen co-sponsors. I co-sponsored the Taxpayer Protection Act. I passed a transparency bill in the full House and ushered another one through committee. I've rejected the pension and special perks of the job.


Together we will get safely through COVID and back to normal. We'll rebuild stronger than ever by bringing great jobs and workforce development to our community. We will revitalize our schools so every child has access to a world class education. And together we will restore the law, order, and American freedom that has defined our way of life for generations. I humbly ask for your vote on November 3.

All my best,


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Get us through the COVID-19 pandemic and back to normal while protecting the vulnerable.

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Bring good jobs to our district while advocating for our small businesses and workers.



Continue to lead on reforming Harrisburg by pushing for term limits, refusing the pension and fighting corruption.



Ensure that every child has access to a world class education by fully funding our schools and putting families first.

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