A Message from Andrew


Why I am Running 

I’m running for re-election to continue serving as your State Representative because I want to continue fighting for the people of our community and to enact policies that will help to transform Pennsylvania. As I've always said, our state should be one of the top states in the country for job growth and opportunity, but corrupt politicians in Harrisburg have enacted bad policies that have held us back. We have some of the highest tax rates in the country, and in return for giving up our hard-earned money, the government wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on frivolous programs and corporate welfare. As a result, our friends and family members are moving out of Pennsylvania to seek better opportunities elsewhere, and our state now loses thousands of residents every year. This needs to change. From the moment I took office, I have hit the ground running to clean house and bring a fresh perspective to Harrisburg.

What I Will Continue to Fight for In Harrisburg

I firmly believe that government should work for us, not the other way around. After all, we are supposed to be a government of, for and by the people. This is the mindset I bring to the job every single day. It's why I rejected the lavish taxpayer-funded pension that isn't available to most hardworking citizens across our district, along with other special perks. Too often, those in power forget that they work for us. I will continue fighting to change this at all levels of government and to return the power back to the people.


This is why I will fight to end corruption, increase government transparency, enact term limits and appoint a special commission of citizens to draw legislative districts. Politicians should not get to choose their own voters. Further, I will work to appoint a special commission of citizens to set lawmakers’ pay. The employees across the 105th don’t get to set their own pay, and politicians shouldn’t get to set their own pay and benefits either. This small step would go a long way in ending the entitlement culture of political elites in Harrisburg. And speaking of special perks for politicians, I’ve decided to lead by example and have already signed a pledge to decline the state pension. As your representative, I will refuse special perks that aren’t available to everyday folks across our community.


I’ll also work to bring great jobs to our community. Sadly, Pennsylvania ranks very low in job growth - behind almost every other state in the nation. But we can change this. By enacting bold reforms, we can open our state up for business again and bring jobs back to PA. Having more great jobs will entice our kids and grandkids to stay right here after they graduate high school and college, rather than moving out of town or out of state.


As the father of three young boys and son to a Central Dauphin school teacher, education is very important to me. We need to be proactive to make sure our commonwealth supports and rewards great school systems like ours. We also need to support school choice and stand up for our families who choose to send their kids to private school or homeschool.


We must take care of our seniors and finally put an end to property taxes. I am proud to have fought for our country, but I did not risk my life in combat only to come home to a place where our seniors are treated like second-class citizens. I will fight for our seniors who have already paid their dues to society, and I will defend their rights and their dignity. I will introduce legislation to end the government’s ability to evict people from the home they rightfully own and will never give up the fight to end property taxes in Pennsylvania.


We must do everything in our power to work with all levels of government to solve the opioid crisis that is ravaging our communities.


And we must defend constitutional freedoms like the right to life for unborn children and protecting our Second Amendment rights.

I'm Asking for Your Vote

I am asking you for your support and for your vote on November 6. I’m eager to continue Ron Marsico’s legacy of excellent representation while bringing a fresh perspective to our state Capitol. And if elected, I look forward to fighting for all of us.



For the 105th,

Andrew Lewis

Candidate for State Representative