Career Politicians
Career politicians in both parties are ruining our country, and it’s time to shake up Washington. I will stand with President Trump and other outsiders to defeat the status quo and enact bold conservative reforms. I’ll fight to bring more local control to our communities, and set term limits to send career politicians home.

A strong America starts with a strong border, and I will fight to strengthen our borders and enforce our immigration laws. Additionally, we must cut federal funding for sanctuary cities until they enforce federal immigration laws. For those who do come here legally, visas should be granted on merit and work needs rather than family ties. 

Repeal ObamaCare
Republicans won a majority in Congress on a promise to repeal ObamaCare. They’ve failed. And we’re left with worse healthcare, increasing costs, and a burden on our economy. I’ll fight to repeal ObamaCare even if Republicans don’t want to act. We should allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines and pass conservative reforms that will bring down costs and improve quality.

National Security
After enlisting in the Army at 18, serving in the Iraq War, and spending nearly ten years on active duty, I know that radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to America and must be stopped. I will work with President Trump to destroy ISIS and keep our country safe. 

American Jobs 
After running my family’s construction business and creating jobs in our community, I know local businesses are what make our country great, but the red tape of government is hurting our main streets instead of helping.  We need to reduce job-killing government regulations that impose one-size-fits-all requirements on small and family-owned businesses. 

Spending & Debt
Government spending is out of control. Our $20 trillion-dollar debt is growing every day and our interest fees are crippling the economy. It’s time to cut this reckless spending and audit our federal government to get rid of wasteful programs, pay down the debt, and give more control back to our local communities. 

Bold Tax Reform
I’ll work tirelessly to enact bold tax reform. We need to overhaul our tax code to grow jobs, raise wages, and enact lasting change in Washington. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the civilized world while corporations with the best lobbyists get loopholes. Let’s close loopholes and lower taxes for all. That will be fairer and create jobs. 

Caring For Our Veterans 
As an Army combat veteran of the Iraq War, with nearly ten years of active duty service, I understand that our servicemen and women have sacrificed so much for our country. We must take care of our veterans and their families by completely overhauling the current VA System.

I believe every life is precious, and that Government exists to safeguard the rights of every person, including the unborn. It is vital that we protect innocent life and ensure that no government funding is ever sent to any organization that performs abortions. 

Pro-2nd Amendment
As a gun-owner, lifetime NRA member and veteran, I know that the 2nd Amendment must be protected at all costs. I’ll always fight for gun rights in Congress.

Good Governance
Our government is bloated and inefficient, and is in drastic need of fixing. I want to innovate, restructure, and repair the bureaucracy in Washington DC through efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Career politicians are more focused about reelection than reform, and that is why I support term limits for members of Congress.