Rep. Ron Marsico Endorses Andrew Lewis

Lower Paxton Township - This morning, Representative Ron Marsico announced his endorsement of businessman and combat veteran Andrew Lewis to replace him as Representative for the 105th Legislative District. Representative Marsico released the following statement endorsing Andrew Lewis:

"Serving the people of this district has been the honor and privilege of my lifetime. My greatest hope when I announced my retirement was that our next State Representative would be someone who shares my values and is willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard for the people and families across the 105th. I’m thrilled to say that Andrew Lewis is that next State Representative. He is the clear choice for our district and I am proud to endorse him to be our next Representative.

"Andrew Lewis is a decorated Army veteran who served our nation honorably from Iraq to Korea to the White House Military Office. He is a small business owner who creates family-sustaining jobs right here in our district. He is a family man, community leader, active volunteer, and still serves our country in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Andrew Lewis is someone we can trust as our next Representative – he’s someone who cares about serving others and making our district and state a better place.

"I am proud to give my full endorsement to Andrew Lewis to succeed me as Representative in the 105th District. Andrew is a man of service, a man of faith, and a man of action. Please join me in voting for him in November."

In response to Rep. Marsico’s endorsement, Andrew Lewis released the following statement:

"I’m grateful to Representative Ron Marsico for his years of service to our community. Ron has truly shown us what it means to be a selfless servant of the people. I am deeply thankful for his endorsement and recognize that I will have big shoes to fill as our next Representative. Ron is one of the few legislators who has never once voted to increase income taxes and I also will oppose any and all tax hikes. I am eager to continue Ron’s legacy of excellent service to our community while working to enact my policy agenda to transform Pennsylvania into a leading state for job growth and opportunity.”